Have you ever wondered how phishing works? You might think that because you use 2FA, that your accounts are secure? How would an attacker bypass 2FA? Well, in this video, you will find out how to easily phish a user for their username and password, whilst also bypassing 2FA, should a user use it. This works for Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, Linkedin and so many more very common websites!

This is an educational video, gain permission from target owners before attempting anything from this tutorial. By not doing so, you risk being penalised by the computer misuse act or equivalent in your country

Evilginx2 – https://github.com/kgretzky/evilginx2
YAML files – https://github.com/hash3liZer/phishlets
YAML Docs – https://github.com/kgretzky/evilginx2/wiki/Phishlet-File-Format-(2.3.0)

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